No Hassle CV Tuners Kit by Slinger AirFlow Werks
Recalibrate your stock CV carb to bring out its Potential!
No Drilling Required...Designed to your model Bike.

Fits Twin Cam

TEC Fits Includes

89759 Twin Cam 88 Emulsion Tube / Needle / Jets

Fits Evo & Sportster

89760 Big Twin 1340 Main, Pilot & Needle
89764 All Sportster's 2004+ Main, Pilot & Needle
89761 Sportster 1200 thru '03 Main, Pilot & Needle
89762 Sportster 883 thru '03 Main, Pilot & Needle
89763 XL Sport & Buell Main, Pilot & Needle
40mm CV Vacuum Piston by Slinger AirFlow Werks
Tec # Description Replaces

89758 40mm CV Slide w/diaphragm 27585-88
 Magnetic Lifter Hanger 4 Pack

Magnetic tip holds lifters up and out of the way while servicing cams

Designed for use on 48-up Big Twin and 57-up XL valve lifters

Essential for trouble-free cam servicing

Made in the U.S.A.


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TEC # Description
89777 Magnetic Lifter Hanger 4 Pack
Quality Tools made by Slinger AirFlow Werks






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89773 Twin Cam Inner Cam Bearing Remover and Installer Tool fits all Twin Cams from 1999-2006 excluding 2006 Dyna
89776 Twin Cam Inner Cam Bearing Remover and Installer Tool fits 2006 Dyna and all 2007 Twin Cams. Can only be used with kit #89773



89769 Wristpin Remover & Re-Installer Twin Cam Screamin Eagle 110
89771 Wristpin Remover & Re-Installer Twin Cam .927 Pin
89772 Wristpin Remover & Re-Installer for all Late Clips Type


89770 Pilot Jet Tool. Use to Remove and Install Keihin Slow Jets


89774 Ring Compressor Tool fits Twin Cam 88 and  95"


89775 Guide Plate for Cylinder Dowel fits Evolution and Twin Cam Engines



TEC # Description
89757  Contoured O2 Oxygen Sensor Weld On Bung

Sold as Pair

Ignition Module Conversion Harness Slinger AirFlow Werks
Tec #  Description
89755 Adapts '94-'98 ignition module to 91-93 bike
89756 Adapts '91-'93 ignition module to '94-'98 bike